New Metaphysics

Editors Graham Harman and Bruno Latour

The world is due for a resurgence of original speculative metaphysics. The New Metaphysics series aims to provide a safe house for such thinking amidst the demoralizing caution and prudence of professional academic philosophy. We do not aim to bridge the analytic-continental divide, since we are equally impatient with nail-filing analytic critique and the continental reverence for dusty textual monuments. We favor instead the spirit of the intellectual gambler, and wish to discover and promote authors who meet this description. Like an emergent recording company, what we seek are traces of a new metaphysical ‘sound’ from any nation of the world. The editors are open to translations of neglected metaphysical classics, and will consider secondary works of especial force and daring. But our main interest is to stimulate the birth of disturbing masterpieces of twenty-first century philosophy.

“I love this prospectus. It gives promise of a badly needed entrée into the kind of philosophizing that Georg Simmel advocated: the pursuit of questions that can never be definitively answered but which our intellects cannot stop themselves from asking. The experience of joining voices as we explore such questions can lead to some of the most magnificent moments in human life.”
Donald N. Levine – University of Chicago, author of Powers of the Mind: The Reinvention of Liberal Learning in America (2006)

The New Metaphysics series design is by Katherine Gillieson with cover illustrations by Tammy Lu

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