Announcing Being Up For Grabs

Sep 12, 2016

Being Up For Grabs

A remarkable speculative and anarcheological effort, Being Up For Grabs aims to reach a broad and encompassing view of the sensible world while conceiving it as lacking any arché.

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New J. Hillis Miller collection in English and German

Aug 10, 2016

Literature Matters

Why and to what end should we read, teach, and occupy our time with literary and/or cultural studies? A new collection of essays edited by Monika Reif-Hülser.

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Warum und wozu Literaturwissenschaft, oder im erweiterten Sinne ‚Kulturwissenschaft‘? Zusammengestellt, eingeleitet und übersetzt von Monika Reif-Hülser.

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New book, Digital Humanities and Digital Media

Jul 19, 2016

Digital Humanities and Digital Media

In this lively and engaging book, Roberto Simanowski interviews key figures in the Digital Humanities, shedding new light on the intersections between digital humanities, digital media studies and the current state of digital media development.

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Announcing The Being of Analogy

Mar 25, 2016

The Being of Analogy

In The Being of Analogy, Noah Roderick unleashes similarity onto the world of objects. Inspired by object-oriented theories of causality, Roderick argues that similarity is ever present at the birth of new objects.

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30 years after Chernobyl

Feb 26, 2016

The Chernobyl Herbarium: Fragments of an Exploded Consciousness

A collaboration between philosopher Michael Marder and artist Anaïs Tondeur, this book unites images, reflections, and personal narrative to mark the thirtieth anniversary of the Chernobyl disaster of April 26, 1986.

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Welcoming two more journals to OHP

Jan 26, 2016

Affirmations of the Modern

Affirmations publishes the best in international research on modern art, letters, and cultures, with an interest in acts of theoretical and political coordination.

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Religion and Gender

Religion and Gender aims to explore the relation, confrontation and intersection of gender and religion, taking into account the multiple and changing manifestations of religion in diverse social and cultural contexts.

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Announcing Photomediations

Jan 11, 2016


Photomediations: A Reader offers a radically different way of understanding photography. The concept of photomediations that unites the twenty scholarly and curatorial essays collected here cuts across the traditional classification of photography as suspended between art and social practice in order to capture the dynamism of the photographic medium today. It also explores photography’s kinship with other media – and with us, humans, as media.

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Happy New Year (wink)

Jan 01, 2016

In Catastrophic Times

Isabelle Stengers claims we are living under an epochal shift: the possibility of a global climate crisis is now upon us. Pollution, the poison of pesticides, the exhaustion of natural resources, falling water tables, growing social inequalities – these are all problems that can no longer be treated separately.

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Twilight of the Anthropocene Idols

In Twilight of the Anthropocene Idols, Cohen, Colebrook and Miller turn their attention to the eco-critical and environmental humanities’ newest and most fashionable of concepts, the Anthropocene.

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Two new books

Sep 17, 2015

The First Sail: J. Hillis Miller

The film-book The First Sail: J. Hillis Miller is a film book based on the documentary film about J. Hillis Miller by Dragan Kujundžić in 2010.

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Occupy: A People Yet to Come

This collection of essays by world-leading scholars of Deleuze and Guattari examines how capitalism can be understood as a global abstract machine.

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Announcing Plankton Dreams

Jun 30, 2015

Plankton Dreams: What I Learned in Special-Ed

In Plankton Dreams, Mukhopadhyay crafts a proud, satiric style: the special ed student as literary troublemaker. ‘Mother had always taught me to learn from circumstance,’ he writes. ‘Here, the circumstance was humiliation, a particularly instructive teacher.’ ‘But I’m not complaining,’ he continues. ‘Humiliation, after all, made me a philosopher.

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