Presentamos Sin criterios

Sep 06, 2020

Sin Criterios

En Sin Criterios, Steven Shaviro nos propone explorar una fantasía filosófica: imaginar un mundo en el que Alfred North Whitehead toma el lugar de Martin Heidegger. ¿Qué habría pasado si Whitehead, en vez de Heidegger, hubiese fijado la agenda del pensamiento posmoderno?

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Announcing Deterritorializing the Future

Aug 04, 2020

Deterritorializing the Future

Understanding how pasts resource presents is a fundamental first step towards building alternative futures in the Anthropocene.

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Announcing AI Art

Jul 16, 2020

AI Art

Can computers be creative? Is algorithmic art just a form of Candy Crush? Cutting through the smoke and mirrors surrounding computation, robotics and artificial intelligence, Joanna Zylinska argues that, to understand the promise of AI for the creative fields, we must not confine ourselves solely to the realm of aesthetics.

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Announcing Machine Sensation

Jun 27, 2020

Machine Sensation

Emphasising the alien qualities of anthropomorphic technologies, Machine Sensation makes a conscious effort to increase rather than decrease the tension between nonhuman and human experience.

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Announcing Anthropocene Back Loop

May 17, 2020

Anthropocene Back Loop

We are entering the Anthropocene’s back loop, a time of release and collapse, confusion and reorientation, in which not only populations and climates are being upended but also physical and metaphysical grounds.

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Presentamos Magia realista

Mar 18, 2020

Magia realista

En este libro, Timothy Morton explora lo que significa afirmar que algo advenga a la existencia, que persista, y que deje de existir.

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Announcing Nanjing Lectures (2016-2019)

Jan 12, 2020

Nanjing Lectures

Bernard Stiegler’s Nanjing Lectures 2016-2019 address the relationship of Platonic metaphysics to the age of ‘post-truth’, the shift from biopower to neuropower in platform capitalism, and the need for a new epistemology, one that would be neither materialist nor idealist but hyper-materialist.

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Announcing Immediation

Dec 19, 2019


‘Truly, Immediation is a rhizome. And yet, even as the tendrils make off in so many different, fascinating directions, the relationship between the chapters in each ‘movement’ is indisputable: the essays address, reiterate, echo, scrutinize, reflect and ‘preflect’ each other….’

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Latest release: Remixing Persona

Nov 28, 2019

‘Who am I this time?’

In Remixing Persona: An Imaginary Digital Media Object from the Onto-Tales of the Digital Afterlife. MALK (Mark Amerika / Laura Kim) collaboratively investigate persona-making, performance-thinking, and applied remixology through a visual manifesto that doubles as a theoretical e-reader and a work of music video art.

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Announcing 100 Atmospheres

Jul 21, 2019

100 Atmospheres

In an era shaped by critical ecological transformation 100 Atmospheres dwells in the deep past and the troubled present to imagine future ways of being and becoming.

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