Journal Suggestions

Open Humanities Press journals are leading open access publications in critical and cultural theory. All have been through a rigorous selection process by OHP’s Journal Editorial Oversight Group which considers a journal’s editorial mission and standards, its contribution to and ability to shape contemporary critical debates, its fit with OHP’s intellectual and international scope, as well as its promotion of a diversity of scholars and scholarly practices. Journals that aim to push experimentally beyond these general guidelines are also of interest.

Suggestions of journal titles for upcoming assessment rounds are welcome. Journals must be fully open access (no embargos) and have published at least 3 issues before being proposed for OHP.

OHP’s board considers journals for inclusion every 2 years. Our next assessment round is in August, 2017. Email Journal Suggestions to: Janneke Adema

Publication Standards

OHP journals are peer reviewed, have high-profile, international editorial boards, use accepted editorial conventions, publish regularly according to stated schedules, and are produced by a non-profit scholarly association or society.

OHP journals are immediately available in open access upon publication and use a clear, recognized OA license such as Creative Commons.

Editorial Practice

OHP recommends its journals:

  • Have a clearly stated length of expected review period
  • Generally meet this expected review period, with clear policies for obtaining alternative reviewers when necessary
  • Have or develop a reputation for timely acceptance or rejection decisions
  • Practice reasonable time-to-publication upon acceptance

Technical Considerations

OHP journals already or eventually will:

  • provide full text electronically through website
  • be compatible with OHP´s open source technical infrastructure
  • be OAI-PMH compliant
  • possess a stable home base / Evergreen URL / be archived permanently
  • be accessible to people with disabilities
  • follow industry standards for online journal publication citations, i.e. easily identifiable journal title, year of publication, volume and/or issue number (if applicable), article title, unique page number or article number, complete table-of-contents for each issue including page/article number for each article (unless journal is being published as single articles)

Journal Editorial Oversight Group

Drawn from OHP’s wider Editorial Board on a rotating basis, the Journal Editorial Oversight Group considers open access journals for inclusion in OHP. The 2015 group was:

  • Janneke Adema

    Coventry University

  • Paul Ashton

    Victoria University

  • Clare Birchall

    King’s College London

  • Tom Cohen

    University at Albany

  • Steven Connor

    University of Cambridge

  • Mark Davis

    University of Melbourne

  • Ortwin de Graef

    KU Leuven

  • Stephen Greenblatt

    Harvard University

  • Lawrence Grossberg

    UNC Chapel Hill

  • Gary Hall

    Coventry University

  • Sigi Jöttkandt

    University of New South Wales

  • Erin Manning

    Concordia University

  • Brian Massumi

    University of Montreal

  • J. Hillis Miller

    UC Irvine

  • Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

    Columbia University

  • Henry Sussman

    Yale University

  • John Willinsky

    Stanford University
    Public Knowledge Project