Journal Suggestions

Open Humanities Press journals are leading open access publications in critical and cultural theory. All have been through a rigorous selection process by OHP’s Journal Editorial Oversight Group which considers a journal’s editorial mission and standards, its contribution to and ability to shape contemporary critical debates, its fit with OHP’s intellectual and international scope, as well as its promotion of a diversity of scholars and scholarly practices. Journals that aim to push experimentally beyond these general guidelines are also of interest.

Publication Standards

OHP journals are peer reviewed, have high-profile, international editorial boards, use accepted editorial conventions, publish regularly according to stated schedules, and are produced by a non-profit scholarly association or society.

OHP journals are immediately available in open access upon publication and use a clear, recognized OA license such as Creative Commons.

Editorial Practice

OHP recommends its journals:

  • Have a clearly stated length of expected review period
  • Generally meet this expected review period, with clear policies for obtaining alternative reviewers when necessary
  • Have or develop a reputation for timely acceptance or rejection decisions
  • Practice reasonable time-to-publication upon acceptance

Technical Considerations

OHP journals already or eventually will:

  • provide full text electronically through website
  • be compatible with OHP´s open source technical infrastructure
  • be OAI-PMH compliant
  • possess a stable home base / Evergreen URL / be archived permanently
  • be accessible to people with disabilities
  • follow industry standards for online journal publication citations, i.e. easily identifiable journal title, year of publication, volume and/or issue number (if applicable), article title, unique page number or article number, complete table-of-contents for each issue including page/article number for each article (unless journal is being published as single articles)

Journal Editorial Oversight Group

Drawn from OHP’s wider Editorial Board on a rotating basis, the Journal Editorial Oversight Group considers open access journals for inclusion in OHP. The 2015 group was:

  • Janneke Adema

    Coventry University

  • Paul Ashton

    Victoria University

  • Clare Birchall

    King’s College London

  • Tom Cohen

    University at Albany

  • Steven Connor

    University of Cambridge

  • Mark Davis

    University of Melbourne

  • Ortwin de Graef

    KU Leuven

  • Stephen Greenblatt

    Harvard University

  • Lawrence Grossberg

    UNC Chapel Hill

  • Gary Hall

    Coventry University

  • Sigi Jöttkandt

    University of New South Wales

  • Erin Manning

    Concordia University

  • Brian Massumi

    University of Montreal

  • J. Hillis Miller

    UC Irvine

  • Gayatri Chakravorty Spivak

    Columbia University

  • Henry Sussman

    Yale University

  • John Willinsky

    Stanford University
    Public Knowledge Project