CCC2 Irreversibility

Editors Tom Cohen and Claire Colebrook

If the classic broad-tent platform of Critical Climate Change was, and remains, a tracking of the mutations and transformations which ‘climate change’ and the logics of Anthropocene extinction open, Critical Climate Chaos: Irreversibility would weaponize what might be called the second phase of ‘the Anthropocene,’ which occurs as the tipping points speculated over in ‘Anthropocene 1.0’ click into place to retire the speculative bubble or phase (Anthropocene Talk). Irreversibility takes hold. The material unfolding of accelerating feedback loops proceeds on its own. Temporalities are dispersed, the memes of ‘globalization’ revoked. A broad drift into a de facto era of managed extinction events dawns. With this acceleration from the speculative into the material orders, a factor without a means of expression emerges: climate panic. It is within this second phase that the CCC2 Irreversibility series is situated, addressing this de facto war zone in its many avenues of arrival—the phenomenon of escapism, digitally managed ressentimentality, the quest for a cosmotechnics, irreversibility and its occlusion, the zones of the inanimate and tele-animate, the proletarianization of perceptual memory, tele-eugenics and financially engineered species splits. Critical Climate Chaos is a platform for these experimentations, now, outside of the ghost of left / right prescriptions and exculpatory dialectical villains (‘Capital’). What emerges when the Anthropocene mask comes off and the imaginaries of the to-come double down on opiates? Welcome to the Trumpocene.

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Advisory Board

  • Yuk Hui – Leuphana University
  • Sigi Jöttkandt – UNSW Sydney
  • Nick Mirzoeff – New York University
  • Daniel Ross – Ars Industrialis
  • Arun Saldana – University of Minnesota
  • Jared Sexton – UC Irvine
  • Oxana Timofeeva – The European University at St Petersburg
  • Stephanie Wakefield – The New School