Announcing Immediation

Dec 19, 2019


‘Truly, Immediation is a rhizome. And yet, even as the tendrils make off in so many different, fascinating directions, the relationship between the chapters in each ‘movement’ is indisputable: the essays address, reiterate, echo, scrutinize, reflect and ‘preflect’ each other….’

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Latest release: Remixing Persona

Nov 28, 2019

‘Who am I this time?’

In Remixing Persona: An Imaginary Digital Media Object from the Onto-Tales of the Digital Afterlife. MALK (Mark Amerika / Laura Kim) collaboratively investigate persona-making, performance-thinking, and applied remixology through a visual manifesto that doubles as a theoretical e-reader and a work of music video art.

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Announcing 100 Atmospheres

Jul 21, 2019

100 Atmospheres

In an era shaped by critical ecological transformation 100 Atmospheres dwells in the deep past and the troubled present to imagine future ways of being and becoming.

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Announcing the MEDIA : ART : WRITE : NOW series

Mar 06, 2019


The MEDIA : ART : WRITE : NOW series mobilises the medium of writing as a mode of critical enquiry and aesthetic expression. Its books capture the most original developments in technology-based arts and other forms of creative media.

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Announcing Ways of Following

Dec 05, 2018

Ways of Following

In Ways of Following, Katve-Kaisa Kontturi offers rare, intimate access to artists’ studios and exhibitions, where art processes thrive in their material-relational becoming. The book argues for an ethical and affirmative mode of engaging with contemporary art that replaces critical distance with sensuous and transformative proximity. From writing-with to dancing and breathing, from conversations to modelling, it maps ways of following that make the moving materiality of art intensively felt.

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Announcing Executing Practices

Nov 22, 2018

Executing Practices

The DATA browser book series is delighted to announce the publication of Executing Practices. This collection brings together artists, curators, programmers, theorists and heavy internet users, all of whose practices make a critical intervention into the broad concept of execution.

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Two new books

Nov 04, 2018

Practicing Relativism in the Anthropocene

Declining calls to reaffirm or rehabilitate philosophical realism in the face of denials of climate change, Barbara Herrnstein Smith maintains that the most illuminating perspectives for conceptualization and practice in the Anthropocene are precisely those labeled, but commonly mischaracterized as, “relativist.”

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Pellucid Paper

Adam Wickberg’s Pellucid Paper is an interdisciplinary study of the materiality of Early Modern poetry and its relation to political power, memory and subject constitution. It offers a radical account of the dynamic relationship between the death oriented aesthetics of vanitas, techniques and media of storage, and a form of mediated presence that permeates the inseparable spheres of the political and the aesthetic.

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Announcing The Neganthropocene

Apr 25, 2018

The Neganthropocene

In The Neganthropocene, Bernard Stiegler opens an entirely new front in discussions of the Anthropocene. The first in the new Critical Climate Chaos series, here Stiegler stakes out a battleplan to proceed beyond the entropic vortex.

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Welcoming the DATA browser series

Apr 09, 2018

DATA browser

The DATA browser book series celebrates the potential of browsing for dynamic rearrangement and interpretation of existing material into new configurations that are open to reinvention. The series takes theory or criticism not as a fixed set of tools or practices, but rather as an evolving chain of ideas that recognize the conditions of their own making.

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Latest release: Gathering Ecologies

Mar 23, 2018

Gathering Ecologies

What might an interactive artwork look like that enabled greater expressive potential for all of the components of the event?

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